Benefits of a Merchant Cash Advance & Line of Credit

Quick and Easy Financing For All Your Business Needs!

Renovations, Purchase Equipment, Hire Staff, Marketing…
A Merchant Cash Advance turns provides immediate cash flow based on your future cash flows. It gives you access to funds now to use towards any aspect of your business.
A Merchant Cash Advance is simple, offers flexible payback and requires no collateral. Repayment is matched to your daily terminal transactions.
If you use credit and debit transactions, this is the ideal financing solution. If your business is seasonal and require additional funds now you can get the funds you need within 48 hours.
If your business transacts a minimum of $5000 monthly, there is a 95% approval rate.


Business Line of Credit and When Should It Be Used!
Two main benefits an Operating Line of Credit offers:

1) Short term funds to use now for any reason you need it for
2) Access to funds when unexpected costs arise

A business line of credit (LOC, Operating Line of Credit) gives you access to a particular amount of financing that you can use when you need it and you only pay interest on what is withdrawn. If you don’t use it, you have no payments owed. LOCs are referred to as “revolving credit” much like a credit card; as you pay back the balance owed, the amount paid; becomes available credit to use again.
If there is a balance, there will be a small monthly payment and interest will accrue on the balance owed. Every 6 months or 1 year, you can renew the LOC as long as you’re in good standing with your lender.
The amount you qualify for depends on your company’s annual revenue and credit rating. Typically, lenders look for higher credit scores in assessing one’s request for a Line of Credit.

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